We are BleRòs

We aspire to bring you happiness through music and art: a long-lasting joy or a glimpse of a smile. We believe that in that exact moment, you live true joy. True freedom. True love. And music will make true sense.

We believe we are one

Music is a universal language. Sound waves know no boundaries. No distinction. No selection. No privilege. They move to move you. Whoever, wherever and whenever you are. They bring joy. They disrupt. They enchant. They intrigue. They cheer up. They disturb. Music lives.

We believe in cooperation

New sounds from emerging talents. New vibes from accomplished artists. Imagine a place where they could all come together. Work together. Uplift each other. Reinforce one another. Cooperation is how we bloom. We share and we care. Always with an open mind and heart.

We believe we are empowered

With the art of harmony, we bend sound waves. With the art of words, we vocalize the stories we want to share with the world. That is our power, our force. And our responsibility. It is how we create and bring life to music, so that music can generate change.

We are BleRòs

We believe in simplicity and positivity

We encourage everybody to master the essence of joy. For us, joy is rooted in simplicity and positivity. The surprise of unexpectedly tapping your feet to the beat. The spontaneous and overwhelming peace of mind (and heart) generated by a new rhythm. The emotion evoked by the exact words you did not even know you needed to hear. That is how, no matter how small the impact, music can be life-changing.

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